What Are the Different Types of Depression?


Mood disorders are divided into different categories. Some are characterized by short periods of depression, while others are chronic. Those who have depression may experience some of the following symptoms.

Major depression, which is the most common type of depression, is characterized by feelings of sadness and a loss of interest in things that once brought pleasure. People with major depression may also experience anxiety and other psychological symptoms. It is important to recognize and treat depression early, as it can be a serious illness.

Adolescents may develop depression because of stress at school, home or in relationships. They may also develop depression as a result of physical or emotional trauma or due to genetic or familial causes. Depression is treatable, and most people recover with medication and psychotherapy.

Depression is categorized into two main groups: unipolar and bipolar. The unipolar group contains major depressive disorder and dysthymic disorder. Bipolar depression, also known as manic depression, is characterized by a history of hypomania and hypomania. It is often accompanied by psychotic symptoms, such as delusions of illness or delusions of poverty.

Depression may also be caused by other medical conditions, such as substance abuse and brain chemistry changes. Some of the symptoms associated with depression include fatigue, sleep problems, low energy and low self-esteem. Depression may also be accompanied by eating habits that are unhealthy.

Depression is commonly treated with medication and psychotherapy, or talk therapy. Psychotherapy includes talking about depression with a trained therapist, and also teaching coping skills to help people better manage their depression.