China Launches 3 Warships; Type 054AP Frigate For Pakistan, 071E LPD For Thailand: Report


republicworld– As China continues on its grand shipbuilding projects, it launched three warships this week for the Pakistan and Thailand Navy. According to Naval News, China’s Hudong Zhonghua shipyard located near Shanghai launched two Type 054 Frigates and one Type 071E landing platform dock (LPD). In detail, the Type 054A frigate was meant for the People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN or the Chinese Navy), a Type 054AP for the Pakistan Navy and a Type 071E LPD for the Royal Thai Navy.

As per the media outlet, the Type 054A frigate is the 34th ship-in-class for the Chinese Navy. The Type 054AP Tughril-class warship is the fourth and final ship of the class ordered by Islamabad from Beijing. The Type 071E LPD is the first and so far the only ship of the class for the Thailand Navy. All three warships were built in the same dock, therefore, they were simultaneously launched.

About Type 054 Frigate and Type 071E LPD

The Pakistan government had signed an agreement with China for two warships in 2017. Additionally, it also signed a contract for two more ships three years ago. Last month, PNS Tughrill was commissioned into the Pakistan Navy. The first vessel was launched in August 2020 with the other two warships launched this year.

The Type 054A is a multi-role frigate. It is recognized as the backbone of the Chinese Navy fleet of surface combatants with 30 vessels in commission. They have a length of 134 meters, a beam of 16 meters for a displacement of 4,000 tons. Additionally, they have a crew complement of 165 sailors.

As China also delivered the Type 071E LPD to the Thailand Navy, it is to mention that the landing platform dock cost nearly $200 million. This is the first time Beijing has delivered the Type 071-class amphibious vessel to Thailand which is also part of the Chinese Navy. According to Naval News, the warship can reportedly carry 800 marines and 20 amphibious vehicles. Type 071 is 210 meters long and 28 meters wide with a full load displacement of 25,000 tons.