China’s Anonymous Man Shoots Video Of Xinjiang, Sheds Lights On Distress In Tibet


republicworld– Areas in Tibet and Uyghur belt in Xinjiang witnesses repression and there is a widespread distress amongst the people in these regions, an anonymous video has revealed. The 20-minute clip, which recently surfaced on social media websites, was shot by an anonymous man, who identified himself only as ‘Guanguan’, as reported by ANI. It is imperative to note that the Xi Jinping led China has attracted global slander for human rights abuse of minorities in the country and has often been pointed out by international organisations.

The video showcases the grim conditions in the Xinjiang detention centres – labelled as re-education centres by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). While China has always made headlines for illegal detentions and forced labour in the region, a report by Radio Free Asia last week, revealed that it was not forcing Uyghurs from their homeland to other parts of the country with the help of a job placement company based on the mainland.

According to RFA, the placement firm had already transferred over 3,000 Uyghur workers including children as young as 16 years of age from the camps to other parts of the country. In an advertisement, which was circulated on social media platforms, the firm detailed that all the workers had “good Mandarin Chinese Skills”, “vocational school degrees” amongst other qualifications. A further investigation by the think tank showed that all the firm was planning to relocate thousands of other Uyghur people by the end of next year.

Chinese land overhaul in Tibet

The clip also highlighted the illegal takeover of Tibetan land. In a report, the think tank Policy research group stated, “The authorities are forcing the local Tibetans to part with their land without any compensation. The land was taken for a construction project. And as the local Tibetans are resisting the demand, the authorities have let loose a reign of repression to have their way.” Furthermore, they asserted that the “land grab” by the CCP apparatchiks had become a serious problem on the Tibetan plateau, leaving certain areas in constant disquiet.