In step to reopen borders, Japan admits business visitors, students


thejapannews– Japan will take its first step in reopening the country to tourism on November 8.

Business and students will be allowed to enter the country, though they must provide proof of having been fully vaccinated, along with a negative Covid test.

General tourists will not yet be allowed to return to Japan.

Eligible tourists will include business travelers staying for less than three months, as well as longer term visitors, including foreign students and workers.

Those qualified visitors will need to submit documents detailing their activities and how they will be monitored.

Also, the current 10-day self-isolation for Japanese citizens and foreign nationals will be reduced to three days.

Japan closed its borders to tourists in January 2021.

The gradual opening of Japan’s borders follows the sharp drop in daily cases of new Covid infections.

To date, some 73 percent of all Japanese have been fully vaccinated. Also, on November 5, Tokyo reported, for the ninth consecutive day, fewer than 30 new cases of Covid.

on Friday reported 25 cases, below 30 for the ninth straight day. Japan has recorded 1.72 million cases of Covid infections, with some 18,300 deaths.

It has been reported that Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary Seiji Kihara has said that Japan might allow foreign tour groups to reenter the country before the end of the year.