Premium Yosakoi in Tokyo brings together dance teams from across Japan for a spectacular online festival


japantoday– Organizers of Kochi’s famous Yosakoi Festival are bringing the world a one-off edition of their annual extravaganza via a special free online event on July 4.

Tune in to Premium Yosakoi in Tokyo to experience the energy and vibrancy of yosakoi dancing, streamed worldwide as part of the Tokyo 2020 NIPPON Festival. Don’t miss the high energy, whirling colors and infectious rhythms of this summer dance!

One of Japan’s representative and largest dance festivals, the Yosakoi Festival originated in Kochi Prefecture almost 70 years ago as a way to raise people’s spirits after WW2.  Since the beginning, this parade-like dance has been open to creativity and evolution, so each team brings their own flavor to their performances through unique costumes, musical fusion, and high energy dance moves. Yosakoi has become very popular, and this Kochi-originated dance is now performed by teams in over 200 areas in Japan and 33 countries and regions worldwide.

On July 4, Premium Yosakoi in Tokyo will bring together some of the top dance teams from across Japan with pre-recorded and onsite performances, as well as live broadcasts from Kochi, Hokkaido and Nagasaki. International yosakoi teams will also be taking part to show their love for this cheerful and inclusive art form. Be sure to stay for the finale, when the audience can join in a special dance session, dancing along with six teams performing live in Tokyo, three teams across Japan, and other yosakoi fans from all over the world.

Commentary will be provided in both English and Japanese throughout the event, so first-time yosakoi viewers can easily follow along. The program is not only an opportunity to support this vibrant and entertaining art form, but also seeks to bring hope, courage and pure fun to people around the world through the magic of yosakoi.

Event details:

Free online live event broadcast on Premium Yosakoi in Tokyo YouTube channel

Sunday, July 4, 14:00 to 16:30 JST (GMT+9)