China: Thousands Attend Wuhan Music Festival As COVID-19 Wreaks Havoc Across The World


republicworld– Hundreds of thousands of music lovers swayed to beats of upbeat music in Wuhan as the Chinese city hosted its annual music festival. Amidst the warm environmental conditions, scores of people jumped and screamed as they attended the Wuhan Strawberry Music Festival, marking the first day of their May Day holiday. The music fest made a comeback to its physical form this year after being shifted to digital platforms amidst the coronavirus contagion in 2020.

Photos and videos that made their way to social media show zealous Chinese residents grooving and swaying to beats in clustered space. While many were seen donning a mask or face covering, a majority of them were seen flouting protective measures. However, the city administration took specific measures and made special enclosures near the stage, allowing a specific number in each of them.

Located in China’s northeastern province of Hubei, Wuhan was the first city in the world to face a lockdown after the initial discovery of coronavirus. However, with stringent measures and mandatory testing, the city was able to quash the contagion. Last month, Wuhan announced itself to be COVID-19 free after it discharged its last virus patient.

‘COVID-19 originated in Wuhan’

Meanwhile, WHO experts probing COVID origins stated that the Wuhan wet market is still the most likely hypothesis for the origin of the COVID-19 pandemic. Speaking at a press conference in Wuhan, Dr. Peter Daszak, president of NGO EcoHealth Alliance and one of the experts stressed that the team identified a ‘viable conduit’ between the wet market and the region where closest relatives of coronavirus were found. The thirteen-member team has earlier confirmed that the virus was not artificially created in a report that dismissed the western claim that the Chinese government deliberately spread the pandemic.

Meanwhile, the scientists also confirmed that they did not find any evidence which said that the coronavirus was leaked from one of the three virology labs in Wuhan. The scientists clarified that they were given full access to the labs where they, after proper analysis, found no evidence of the pandemic being created by an accidental lab accident.