‘Attack on Titan’ manga museum opens in creator’s hometown


mainichi– Fans of “Attack on Titan,” a manga series popular in Japan and abroad that is set to be made into a Hollywood film, can visit a themed museum from Saturday in the hometown of its creator.

Local residents are hoping the manga series can be a boon to tourism for the city of Hita in Oita Prefecture, southwestern Japan. The manga series revolves around protagonist Eren and his battle against giant creatures known as Titans that have overrun the world.

The city has been working to draw fans of the manga by creating locations with statues of characters. The newest attraction “Attack on Titan in HITA Museum” showcases items such as creator Hajime Isayama’s original drawings.

Free of charge to enter, the museum also displays works from when the 34-year-old artist was younger.

Earlier this year, publisher Kodansha Ltd. said the series will conclude in April, having run since 2009 in the company’s Bessatsu Shonen Magazine.

“Attack on Titan” has seen its total circulation in print and e-books top 100 million worldwide, according to Kodansha. It has been published and distributed in several languages including English and Spanish.

The manga series has been adapted into a TV anime series in Japan and Kodansha announced in 2018 a Hollywood live-action film is to follow.