Joe Scarborough accused of racism after tirade about Biden ‘luring’ immigrant children to US border


independent– Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough sparked a firestorm of angry tweets on Tuesday with an early morning rant about immigration, during which he accused the Biden administration of “luring” children to the United States’ southern border and urged the government to “send them back.”

“The Biden administration right now is the one that’s luring these children to the border with the promise of being able to get in,” Mr Scarborough fumed on his MSNBC show.

“So they can’t say, ‘Oh, well, they’ve come all the way across the desert, we can’t just let them go back,’” the host continued. “No! You can figure out a way, a humane way, a safe way, to transport them back home, I suspect.”

The comments quickly drew outraged comments on Twitter, including accusations of racism.

“Hey #JoeScarborough your racism is showing again,” one user tweeted. “Look in the mirror and repeat what you said this morning. You’re looking at a bigot.”

“Joe’s anti-immigrant diatribes sure are ugly,” another commented under a clip of the show. “How many are we going to have to listen to?”