Timeline: WHO team’s study on COVID-19 in Wuhan


cgtn– A panel of World Health Organization (WHO) scientists arrived in central China’s Wuhan City on January 14 for a COVID-19 tracing mission with help from Chinese experts. Here are some key events since then:

On January 14, the team arrived in Wuhan and began a 14-day quarantine in line with China’s pandemic prevention and control measures before conducting fieldwork. The WHO and China agreed the team could start field trips immediately after quarantine instead of undergoing further indoor medical observation, but the whole crew needed to work together under a closed-loop management system. The WHO arranged local hotels and transportation for the team.

Since January 29, WHO experts and their Chinese colleagues have gone on field trips to Hubei Provincial Hospital of Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine, Wuhan Jinyintan Hospital, the Wuhan Baishazhou market and the Huanan seafood market. All the sites were requested by the WHO team and arranged by the Chinese side per their requirements.

During their January 29 and 30 trips to Hubei Provincial Hospital of Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine and Wuhan Jinyintan Hospital, the primary battlegrounds for treating patients in the early days of the outbreak, the WHO experts spoke at length with the management staff and medical workers at the hospitals, as well as recovered patients.

Peter Daszak, a member of the WHO team and president of the EcoHealth Alliance, described it as a significant opportunity to communicate with frontline medics who fought against the coronavirus at the critical moment.

The WHO experts also spoke with Chinese heroes in the fight against COVID-19, such as Zhang Dingyu and Zhang Jixian, expressing their admiration and taking photos with them.

On January 30, the team visited a museum exhibition dedicated to the battle against the pandemic that chronicles China’s fight against the virus and the efforts made by frontline medics.

On January 31, the crew visited the Huanan seafood market. They conducted workshops with market staff, vendors, residents and media representatives.

Every visit requested by the WHO has been arranged, as China has an open and transparent attitude toward cooperation to prevent future risks. Experts from both the WHO and China will continue to discuss and analyze the collected data through video calls and in-person communication.

The field trips are not open to the media to avoid distractions. However, media representatives are free to take pictures around the locations.

(CGTN’s Cao Qingqing contributed to this report)