Tokyo reports new single-day high of 602 coronavirus infections on Dec. 10


mainichi– Coronavirus infections in Japan’s capital shot to a new daily record high of 602 cases on Dec. 10, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government said.

The new daily tally was the first to surpass 600, and broke the previous record of 584 set on Dec. 5, as the capital continues to grapple with a third wave of infections following earlier surges in April and August.

Tokyo saw an average of 437.71 new cases per day in the first week of December. It also hit a monthly high of 9,857 coronavirus cases in November, or an average of 328.6 per day. The figure surpassed the 8,126 new cases recorded in August — about 262 per day on average — during the second wave of infections.

Tokyo has reported over 45,000 infections altogether, the most among Japan’s 47 prefectures, with the overall death toll in the capital reaching 528 as of Dec. 9. Also as of Dec. 9, there were 1,820 patients hospitalized in Tokyo with COVID-19, 59 with severe symptoms.