Mum shows off four-year-old daughter’s lunch box but parents say it’s too ‘grown up’


mirror– A mum has been slammed online after sharing a photo of her four-year-old daughter’s lunchbox, with other parents labelling her “embarrassing”.

The woman, from Perth, Australia, proudly showed off the “grown-up” healthy lunch box which contains cheese and ham sandwiches alongside a mix of shelled pistachios, seaweed crackers, pretzels, snow peas, almonds and whole grapes.

Proud of her meal prep, she took to Facebook to show off the elaborate lunch, hoping her idea would inspire other mums and dads for what to make their kids.

“My 4-year-old girl has recently started school. And here I’m, smashing the lunch box competition,” she wrote in the Lunch box Ideas Australia group.

But fellow parents were quick to judge the mum’s meal, declaring it “too grown-up”, as their four-year-old’s only eat chicken nuggets reports news.com.au.

One person wrote: “Just wait until you have teenagers and send them to school with a lunch box like this. How embarrassing mum.”

Whilst another questioned how a four-year-old would be able to shell the pistachios, deeming it inappropriate for their lunch box.

After receiving so many negative comments, the mum hit back with a picture of another lunch she had prepared for her child, insisting she would continue to feed her daughter healthy meals.

“I would never expect that a lunch box could create that much controversy, criticism and conversation,” she wrote.

“I’m blown away and weirdly motivated to keep posting my bentos”.

It consisted of watermelon, half an avocado, feta, seaweed crackers, a hard-boiled egg, dried apricots, broad beans, and a homemade oat pancake with bacon and parmesan.

Unlike the last lunch box she shared which was harshly criticised for the food that her child could easily choke on, this meal was applauded.

One person said they wish their son would eat that, and that they’d love for someone to pack them a lunch like that.