Storytellers to present stories of ‘Entrepreneurship and Hustle’


On the surface, Lisa Dahls life may look perfect.

A renowned chef and restaurateur in Sedona, Arizona, she has won awards for everything from her cooking and restaurants to business acumen, and she has been written about in national publications, including Forbes, Huffington Post, The New York Times and USA TODAY.

But it hasnt been an easy road for the two-time James Beard House-featured chef.

While living in San Francisco in 1994, her only child, Justin, died after he was murdered trying to stop what he thought was a robbery. The tragedy prompted Dahl to uproot her life in Northern California and move to Sedona, where she reinvented herself and threw herself into her work.

“Many of us will face tragedies and lose a very special person in our lives. How we embrace that experience and keep their spirit close will be more than our salvation,” said Dahl, who will share her story about how she turned to cooking as a way to heal her pain.

Dahl is among five people who will share personal stories with a virtual audience on Oct. 1 at the Storytellers Projects “Entrepreneurship and Hustle” show streaming on Facebook and YouTube at 5 p.m. PT/8 p.m. ET.

“I could not pass on the opportunity to share how I was able to heal from my loss and find a new lease on life,” Dahl said.

“I want my story to be a message of hope.”

Dahl will be joined by:

  • Sheree Hartwell of Scottsdale, Arizona, owner Ford/Robert Black Agency modeling and talent group.
  • Kina Pickett of Bozeman, Montana, extreme skier and co-founder of the digital platform ZPPR.
  • Jeff Wuslich of Bloomington, Indiana, owner of Cardinal Spirits.
  • Allison Devane of Phoenix, founder of Arizona-based Teaspressa.

Hartwells story is about her journey from child model to purchasing the modeling and talent agency that represented her.

“I bought the company from Robert Black and havent looked back,” she said. “Many trials and triumphs, and lots of lessons were learned along the way.”

Hartwell said through her story she wants to motivate people to go after their dreams despite any perceived hurdles.

Picketts story is about his path to entrepreneurship and about never giving up.

“Entrepreneurship is now harder than ever, but there is always a path forward,” he said.

“My story is about breaking down boundaries. As an African American, I have tried to break boundaries from sports to business endeavors. This story is about those critical moments that I have learned along the way, and my newest endeavor, the life of truly remote work.”

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