If you haven’t watched ‘You’ yet, you better get on it because season 2 is coming soon


Netflix has announced the show will debut its new season on December 26.The series stars former "Gossip Girl" star Penn Badgley as a serial killer in friendly-neighborhood-bookseller clothing. It debuted on Lifetime in late 2018, but will move to Netflix for its second season. While not exactly critically acclaimed, "You," from Greg Berlanti and Sera Gamble, enjoyed buzz from those who appreciate a thriller that, if you squint, can be seen a little like "Gossip Girl" alternate universe fiction. (Just me? Fine.) After its first season hit Netflix, the series gained a wave of new fans and buzz. Netflix claimed earlier this year that the show was "on track to be viewed by more than 40 million members in its first four weeks" on the service. Exactly how many of those stuck around to finish the season is unknown. Season 2 seems to be on track, however, to be at the very least equally intriguing. In the new season, BadgleRead More – Source