US files illegal fishing complaint against South Korea under free trade pact


WASHINGTON: US authorities for the first time filed a complaint against South Korea under environmental rules of the free trade pact between Seoul and Washington, over illegal fishing, the government announced Thursday Sep 19).

The US Trade Representative's office said it "intends to seek environment consultations" with Seoul under the terms of the US-Korea Free Trade Agreement, the first step in a formal trade complaint.



The trade representative's office cited a government report that named South Korea, saying the country failed to stop its vessels from "engaging in fishing activities that violate conservation and management measures."

In a periodic report also released Thursday, the US National Marine Fisheries Service said that in late 2017 two South Korean-flagged vessels used long-line gear within 24 hours of the notified closure of a fishery in violation of international rules.

Korean authorities ordered the vessels back to port and temporarily suspended their licenses but imposed no fines and did not confiscate their catch, according to the report.

Prosecutors declined to bring charges, finding insufficient evidence that the violations were intentional, and under South Korean law, no other remedies existed to prevent the vessels' operators from enjoying the benefits of the alleged illegal fishing.



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