Womans Terrifying Pregnancy Scan Shows Devil Baby Staring Right Into Her Soul


Woman's Terrifying Pregnancy Scan Shows 'Devil Baby' Staring Right Into Her SoulKennedy News and Media

For many mums and dads to be, the first scan is an emotional but ultimately exciting moment; giving them the very first glimpse of the unborn child set to enter their lives.

However, for one expectant young mum from Richmond, Virginia, her first scan looked more like a scene cut from Rosemarys Baby for being too creepy.

Heading to her 24-week gender scan, 17-year-old Iyanna Carrington could not have expected the terrifying grin that would greet her, from inside her very own womb…

Baby devil scanKennedy News and Media

Iyannas midwife revealed the baby was a little girl, and gave her a tantalising look at her daughters beautiful face.

However, the atmosphere darkened somewhat when the midwife rolled the doppler back over Iyannas bump for a second look at the little cherub.

There – staring intensely from the screen – was a face straight from the gates of hell; wide devilish eyes and the sort of demonic smile you would never, ever want to receive, let alone from your very own bundle of joy.

Thankfully, the midwife reassured Iyanna and the babys father Raleek the demon-like face was perfectly fine and normal, with no pre-natal exorcisms required whatsoever.

Baby devil scanKennedy News and Media

Iyanna later shared the hilariously nightmarish scan to Facebook, joking how she,loved the devil baby so much already.

Iyanna said:

Id never seen anything like it. I was going to see whether she was a boy or girl. I love this devil baby so much already.

They showed her face and she looked normal, then the nurse confirmed she was girl, but I knew that deep down already. Then they put it back on her face and she was just looking right at me like that.

I said she looks like a ghost in the doctors office and the doctor said yeah, thats very [normal]. ShRead More – Source