New iPhones Are Triggering Peoples Trypophobia


New iPhones Are Triggering People's Trypophobia fear of holesPA

Apples brand new iPhone models have been unveiled, and many people are looking forward to trying out the variety of interesting and advanced features.

However, the design of both the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max has led to some discomfort; with the manner in which the three camera lenses have been packed tightly together leading to some peoples trypophobia being triggered.

Many trypophobia sufferers have spoken out about the effect this camera lens cluster has had on them, pointing out that it wouldnt be quite so bad if the lenses had been placed in a straight line. Apparently the jarring, honeycomb-esque pattern is making people so very twitchy…

iPhone TrypophobiaPA

For those who are unaware, trypophobia is the fear of clusters of small holes placed in an irregular pattern. Sufferers may get triggered by things such as bath bubbles, natural sponges and even strawberries.

According to Medical News Today, the term trypophobia has been used since 2009, but has yet to be recognised by the American Psychiatric Associations Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5).

Although there is currently limited research into the phobia, there are some theories as to why such clusters bother certain people so much. Some researchers speculate sufferers make an unconscious association between holey patterns on objects and the ones found on the bodies of dangerous animals.

Although iPhone lenses arent holes per se, they certainly have a hole like quality about them. And this is causing many a trypophobic shudder at the thought of these new models being unleashed on the high street.

The #iphone11 needs a trypophobia trigger warning

— Steven Greenstreet ❌ (@MiddleOfMayhem) September 10, 2019

The iPhone 11 leaks triggers my trypophobia. 🙈 #ApppleLaunchingEvent

— donbosconovitch (@donbosconovitch) September 10, 2019

New iPhone 11 giving me trypophobia feeling. Dont be flexing that ugly ass phone around me if you buy it. 🤢🤮

— itsjudythenerddd (@itsjudythenerd) September 11, 2019

All I can think when I look at the new iPhone is #Trypophobia

— Rose (@Roze_) September 10, 2019

Many people have taken to Twitter to share the disquieting feelings this new device is giving them, and are coming to terms with the fact that they may well have to put their shudders aside if they want to keep up with iPhone technology.

One person tweeted:

Trypophobia is real and the new iPhone designs is making me extra anxious.

Another trembled:

3 cameras on the new iPhone actually triggers my trypophobia. I cant have people walking around me with those cameras every day.

At this rate, Apple will introduce the #iPhone 20 like this#iPhone11 #trypophobia Read More – Source