Marvel Hotel To Open At Disneyland Paris In 2020


Marvel Hotel To Open At Disneyland Paris In 2020Disney/Marvel

Marvel is now officially part of Disney, making our favourite superheroes bona fide Disney princes and princesses in their own right.

This of course means they are fully deserving of a magnificent Disneyland palace all of their own; a majestic realm capable of making Cinderella stamp her glass heels with envy.

From summer 2020, guests at Disneyland Paris will be able to stay at Hotel New York — The Art of Marvel, and the concept art looks absolutely stunning.

Marvel Hotel To Open At Disneyland Paris In 2020Disney/Marvel

Less an interactive experience and more a homage to the creatives who helped build the world of Marvel, Hotel New York is Big Apple Art Deco through and through; a gorgeous tribute to the comicbook characters whove lived in and fought for the city for decades.

According to, the hotel commemorates 80 years of Marvel storytelling with inspiration drawn from New York art galleries.

Disneyland Paris is reportedly working alongside over 50 artists from Marvel Comics and Marvel Studios, putting together over 300 pieces of artwork which will be proudly displayed within the hotel.

This will include comicbook covers, posters, film illustrations, storyboards and original sketches as well as never-before-seen and exclusive works of art.

Marvel Hotel To Open At Disneyland Paris In 2020Disney/Marvel

Marvel artwork will be featured in each room, with Empire State Club rooms paying subtle tribute to the courage and ingenuity of Iron Man.

Meanwhile, entire suites will be themed around the adventures of the Avengers and Spider-Man, complete with special artwork and themed furniture.

Once you venture beyond your room or suite, you can try out a variety of restaurants filled with loving references to the world of Marvel.

For example, the Manhattan Restaurant boasts an opulent chandelier straight from Thors grand Asgardian Palace, while the Downtown Restaurant serves a menu of Marvel-inspired specialities with wallsRead More – Source