James Murdoch To Invest $1 Billion In Media Companies – Reports


James Murdochs compensation more than doubled in fiscal 2018 to $50.3 million — and that was before he got paid a reported $2.2 billion for his stake in 21st Century Fox. Now the cash-flush son of Rupert Murdoch has a new investment plan: According to multiple media reports, he will put about $1 billion toward a new portfolio of unspecified media companies.

Financial Times cited sources close to James Murdoch tonight that said his new three-comma fund could include a long-rumored liberal-leaning news outlet.

The Times also cited sources as saying that James Murdoch wants some space between himself and the conservative outlets launched and/or run for decades by his father but had yet to decide on how to invest in news media.

The Wall Street Journal, meanwhile, reports tonight that one of James Murdochs first new investments via his newly launched holding company, Lupa Systems, will beRead More – Source