Nokia 1: Everything about Nokia’s latest easy-access feature phone


Nokia 1 Key Features

• Truly for everyone, a low-cost high quality feature phone.
• A healthy 8GB of storage
• Specialised apps from Google which run faster at small memory usage.
• Despite being a basic device, Nokia is still treating customers to a 5 megapixel rear camera and a 2 megapixel selfie cam.
• Android Oreo Go edition which optimises the phone for fast service

Nokia 1 Overview

While not a flagship phone from Nokia, the Nokia 1 is an easy access feature phone, built for everyone.

Nokia hasn't skimped on their latest phone, which has a roomy 8GB of storage and impressive 5 and 2 megapixel (rear and selfie) cameras.

Perhaps most importantly, the phone runs on Android Oreo (Go edition) which promises specially optimised apps from Google that run fast and consume minimal memory.

Nokia 1 Screenshots

The new Nokia1 4G smartphone is as stylish as its dependable. Make your mark with Xpress-on covers, and enjoy an optimized Android experience, with the latest Android™ Oreo™ (Go edition).

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Nokia 1 Release Date

You can get your hands on the Nokia 1 at the beginning of April.

Nokia 1 Price

Debuting at $89 (roughly £65) Nokia's all-access phone is a massive bargain

Nokia 1 – Camera/battery/main selling point or feature

Smoothness is what Nokia wants you to feel with their latest phone, and starting with the Android Oreo technology, it seems like they are fully committing to this.

A 512 MB RAM means that the Nokia 1 is lacking in the memory department compared to its contemporaries, but Nokia has managed to make it as smooth sailing as other major players with a heavy duty quad-core processor.

Anything else?

The Nokia 1 was built with customisation at the forefront, immediately available in Warm Red and Dark Blue, as well as pastel colours in some markets.

Nokia has also released a number of 'Xpress-on' covers for your phone, which come in a number of vibrant colours, Azure, Grey, Yellow and Pink.

The ultimate in easy-going customisable technology, its looks like the Nokia 1 could truly be the right phone for anyone, and at such a low price it's difficult to refuse.

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