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COP24: Delivering Katowice climate talks like solving a 3D jigsaw says Christian Aid


As ministers meet at the UN climate summit in Poland to discuss ramping up emissions reduction plans, Christian Aid warns the outcome will determine the success of these talks.

Mohamed Adow, Christian Aids International Climate Lead, said: “When the Paris Agreement was signed in 2015 we knew the pledges contained in it didnt add up to stopping climate change. The Paris Agreement as it stands now, only gets us to a world between 2.7 and 3.5 degrees Celsius of global warming, much higher than the agreements goal of 1.5. The process to bridge this gap is the Talanoa Dialogue which is why its such a vital part of these talks.

“No outcome here in Katowice will be acceptable without countries agreeing to review and strengthen their pledges by 2020. The recent IPCC report showed that we dont have the luxury of time, we need to start to close the gap now.

“The danger is that the Polish presidency is letting the Talanoa Dialogue turn into nothing more than a talking shop. This would be a travesty for the worlds most vulnerable people.”

“He added: “Delivering a successful outcome in Katowice is like solving a three-dimensional jigsaw. It has three parts, the Paris rulebook, finance for poor countries and renewed emissions reductions.

“Like an African stool, it doesnt work if one of the legs is missing.”



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