Pete Shelley, lead singer of The Buzzcocks, dies aged 63


(Picture: WireImage)

Pete Shelley, the lead singer of punk band The Buzzcocks, has died aged 63 of a suspected heart attack.

Shelley formed the band with Howard Devoto in 1975 and debuted a year later, opening for the Sex Pistols.

The Buzzcocks released their first EP, Spiral Scratch, on their own independent label, New Hormones, but Devoto soon left and Shelley took over as songwriter and lead vocalist.

The band were seminal for the British punk/new wave eras with singles such as Orgasm Addict, What Do I Get?, and Ever Fallen in Love (With Someone You Shouldntve) but they split after five years in 1981.

Shelley went on to have a solo career, releasing the song Do Anything, for the film Some Kind of Wonderful but the band reformed in 1989 and released brand new music, touring with bands such as Nirvana, the Adored, the Strays, Lola Ray, and Images.

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