Kit Harington is so done with ‘Game of Thrones’


The actor who portrayed Jon Snow recently told the BBC he has moved on from the character and the hit HBO series.These days, Harington is enjoying a run on the London stage starring in the Sam Shepard play, "True West."And while filming the eighth and final season of "Game of Thrones" was "emotional," the actor said he wasn't distressed to wrap it all up in June. "It was emotional to leave the job, definitely," Harington said. "But I wouldn't say I was sad: If, like me, you go all the way back to the pilot of 'Game of Thrones,' that's almost 10 years of your life. That's really unusual in an actor's career.""Game of Thrones" debuted in 2011 and became a phenomenal success for HBO (which is owned by CNN's parent company).It also made Harington a star — so much so that his character was "killed" off, then brought back — and linked him with co-star Rose Leslie, whom he wed in June.But despite all that, Harington sounds like he has truly bid good-bye to Westeros and its inhabitants. "It was a huge emotional upheaval leaving that family," he said. "But would I want to go back and do more? Not on your life."

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