Kelly Brooks Christmas tree disaster is a warning to us all


(Picture: Rex; Kelly Brook/Instagram)

Kelly Brooks Christmas dreams have been destroyed – and its only 3 December.

The former model has revealed that her tree fell over and her glass decorations were all destroyed after she overloaded the tree – but on her radio show on Monday she claimed it was actually because her boyfriend Jeremy Parisi failed to secure their tree properly.

I was so happy that he was in to it because Ive always put the tree up with my girl friend and we have Baileys and we make a whole day of it. So when Jeremy showed just a slight bit of enthusiasm for the day I thought “Oh Jeremy this is all my dreams come true”, she said.

We went to the garden centre, we picked the most beautiful tree we could find, we came home, and he carried it over his shoulder in his rugged kind of chequered shirt, she added, speaking on her radio show on Heart FM, adding that after it was put up she didnt feel the tree looked straight but Jeremy insisted it was… oh how she should have trusted her instincts.

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Jeremy then headed off to the gym and she told him she would decorate with the glass baubles she bought with her birthday money.

So I bought all these lovely glass things and started decorating the tree and there was a little knock at the door. So Ive gone out to see to the door and as Ive come back in, I couldnt see my tree, she revealed.

He hadnt secured it properly. So it was on the floor. And all my beautiful glass ornaments were smashed to smithereens.

A Christmas disaster if we ever heard one!

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Luckily, Kelly and Jeremy had 22 more days before the big day arrives in order to fix their tree and decorations but the handy pair decided to get it sorted immediately.

Any excuse for more Baileys!

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