Billie Eilish confirms she is living with Tourettes: It makes easy things a lot harder


Billie Eilish spoke candidly about her Tourettes (Picture: Getty)

Billie Eilish has opened up about living with Tourettes syndrome for the first time, in a candid Instagram post.

The Lovely singer revealed she didnt want to speak about her condition because she didnt want that to be the first thing her fans associated with her.

In a post on her Instagram story, the 16-year-old told her 8.9million followers: I would love to get this straight so everyone can stop acting goofy…

Billie Eilish opened up about living with Tourettes (Picture: Instagram)
Billie Eilish opened up about living with Tourettes (Picture: Instagram)
Billie Eilish (Picture: Instagram)
Billie Eilish revealed she never wanted to speak about the condition (Picture: Instagram)

I have diagnosed Tourettes. Ive never mentioned it on the internet because nobody thinks Im deadasss.. As well as… the fact that Ive never wanted people to think of Tourettes every time they think of me.

And my tics are only physical and not super noticeable to others if youre not really paying attention. (Believe me, having them is a whole different type of misery).

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My Tourettes makes easy things a lot harder, she continued. Certain things increase and/or trigger the intensity of my tics, but its something I grew up with and am used to.. My family and closest friends know it as a part of me.

Ive taught myself ways of suppressing my tics and certain techniques to help reduce them when I dont want to be distracting in certain situations… But again suppressing them only makes things worse after the moment is over…

Not gonna go into FULL detail but if you want to know more, I am an open book. Wasnt planning on talking about this on here maybe ever but its gotten to a point… lol.

Billies fans rushed to support her over her post (Picture: WireImage)

These compilations yall been making of my tics are lowkey funny even when yall make fun of them and shit. I know youre all confused so as to what it is, so just to let ya know… Its Tourettes.

In another post, Billie added: Then again a reason people dont believe me when I mention it is that HALF the shit I do is just being a fucking goof and has nothing to do with Tourettes lmao so I get it.

Love you guys a lot, just wanted to get that out.

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Following her posts, fans rushed to offer the teenager support, and thanked her for being so open about her condition.

I want to tell you how grateful I am that you opened up about having Tourettes – I do too and seeing somebody who I look up to so much struggling with the same disorder means the world to me. Thank you, Billie, one posted below her latest Instagram upload.

We love you no matter what babygirl, another posted. I dont love you less because of your Tourettes. Youre fucking amazing, keep it up love.

While a follower added: Just watched your Insta story… Youve to know that were for you Ellie, my love, I hope youre doing well. I love you the most!

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