Clean Bandit would have had Harry Styles masturbate off a cliff if he had recorded Solo


Ah, what could have been (Picture: Matt Baron/REX/Shutterstock)

Clean Bandits collaboration with Demi Lovato Solo hit number one in the UK charts – but it could have been oh so different.

The band have suggested that Harry Styles could have been the international popstar on the track, and this would have given a major twist to the references to female masturbation in the video.

Band member Jack Patterson has joked that the One Direction member was their first choice for Solo, and that the video would have been rather filthy.

Clean Bandit admitted they failed to nab Harry for their new album What Is Love?, but Jack Patterson joked that Solo would have been the song for him.

The bassist/keyboardist/pianist/violinist told The Guardian: The video would feature Harry wanking off a cliff.

Not sure we would have seen that in the 1D days.

The video for Solo is interspersed with shots of Demi singing, but mainly focuses on band member Grace Chatto turning her abusive lover into a rainbow-coloured golden labrador with the help of a magical medicine.

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However, the video features images of Grace lying on a bed with her hand on her crotch, with her face evaporating into a puff of smoke – three guesses what its implying.

Grace Chatto masturbating in Solo video
Grace was adamant that the female masturbation scene was staying put (Picture: Vevo)

And while the bands record label werent too impressed, Grace was adamant that the masturbation scene stayed put.

The cellist said: I had kickback from the label saying: “What if children ask their parents whats going on?” And I was like: “Well, thats fine, if they do ask their mums, then they wont find out from other things on the internet.”

Those scenes were important for me to put in because seeing women masturbating is not something that happens in popular culture, unless its with a hetero male gaze.

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Clean Bandits second album What Is Love? drops on 30 November and features hits including Symphony, Baby, Solo and Rockabye, while it also includes collabs with Ellie Goulding, Stefflon Don, Craig David, Rita Ora and Big Boi.

Unfortunately, no Hazza.

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