Leadley reveals switching focus from vlogs to music has been a hard lesson ahead of debut single


Leadley EXCL
Leadleys set to release her debut EP on 23 November (Picture: Leadley)

Leadley is set to release her debut EP on 23 November, and we couldnt be more hyped.

While music was her first love, the singer and YouTube star also became well-known for her beauty, fashion and lifestyle vlogs.

However, about a year ago, she made the decision to put all her efforts into her music, and shes about to see her hard work pay off as her debut EP is released.

Speaking to Metro.co.uk, Leadley said: I started out on YouTube posting original music, its always been my first love, I think my fans know that and its been a hard lesson for us all about growth and change.

They know Im still always there for them, she added.

Ive always enjoyed all forms of creativity, but its nice to go back to potentially making something that people will listen to over and over again, not just once or twice, she said.

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Theres something about making music that fulfills me in a way that no other form does.

So what can we expect from her debut EP – apart from the aesthetic AF floral cover art shes been sharing?

It covers a lot different experiences Ive gone through in my life. I hope [fans] can relate to them and know theyre not alone, she explained.

Especially with Life of the Party, Ive struggled with caring too much about what other people think my whole life and I felt like I needed to write that song not only for myself but for my fans to know that there is so much beauty in living and being yourself.

Leadley EXCL
Shes hoping fans will relate to the songs (Picture: Linda Blacker)

Preach, girl.

All musicians have their inspirations. But not all of them get to write an EP with theirs.

Telling us that she grew up listening to The Midnight Beast, Leadley describes writing with vocalist Stefan Abingdon as like magic.

About every other week over the course of about six months me and Stefan Abingdon would sit down and write together, she told us.

We actually wrote most of Like I Did in our very first session together based off a beat hed made on his phone.

She recalls: Writing Life of the Party, we wrote a draft of the verses early on in our sessions and the chorus came together right in the end of writing the EP and felt like a perfect closure.

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Also having my pals dodie and Lucy Moon come in and do backing vocals was so fun! she added.

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