Brexiteers are battling bugs by keeping their phones in the microwave – the only 9 responses you need to read


A large part of the Leave campaign was based on scaremongering about terrorists masquerading as juvenile asylum seekers, the perils of hearing another language on the train, and immigrants taking all the good jobs whilst – somehow – managing to live off the state at the same time. However, the level of paranoia may have been worse than we first suspected, if this news item is anything to go by.

The New European reported

“A senior member of the European Research Group (ERG) of hardline Tory MPs has been urging his colleagues to buy microwaves for their parliamentary offices to stop Remainers and foreign spooks snooping on their talks.”

Well, we hardly know where to start with that one, so we wont. Well just let you know what other people had to say about it.


Poor Theresa May is being outplayed by the strategic genius of *squints* people who hide their mobiles in the microwave to protect themselves from MI5

— James Felton (@JimMFelton) November 5, 2018


*muffled phone ring*
*microwave ping*
“Hello youve reached Jacob Rees Mogg, certified brain genius”

— James Felton (@JimMFelton) November 5, 2018


Hang on. They put their phones in microwaves to stop themselves being listened in on?

So do they get into the microwaves entirely, or just stick their heads in when making a call?

— Jez Wyke (@jrwyke) November 5, 2018


Next from David Davis: “I microwaved my phone & now it doesnt work!”

— Brexit Survivalist #FBPE (@APFSDS_aboteur) November 5, 2018


The same people who are doing this are the same ones who think there is a “technological solution” to the Irish border

Well I say think …. Believe would be a better word

— ScottishPanda #FBPE (@PandaScottish) November 5, 2018


Quite amusing that the ERG, who believe 'new technology' will be the saviour of the border are also technically illiterate enough to think the cavity of a microwave oven will shield a mobile phone. Clue : It doesn't

— MLAs And The Like (@MLAsAndTheLike) November 6, 2018


We're at that point where #Brexit is such a fucking shambles you can't tell which headlines are satire.

— Luke ?? ?️‍? #FBPE #FBR (@Randombob18) November 5, 2018


Are these the same people who regularly walk along Downing Street or outside Parliament in front of photographers with sensitive documents on display? Them lot?

— ShreddedReTweet (@ShreddedReTweet) November 5, 2018


I love this. Presumably its to have a Faraday cage effect. But the only time it will be intercepted will be on calls, and these cant be made inside the cage. ⁦@J_amesp⁩ ?

— Guy Dorrell (@GuyDorrellEsq) November 6, 2018

Satire is officially dead.

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