Channing Tatum going extra mile to see Jessie J and is her biggest fan


The couple seem to be hitting it off (Picture: SplashNews.com)

New celebrity couple Channing Tatum and Jessie J are hitting it off as its revealed that hes been flying all over the U.S. to attend her concerts.

Its not difficult to be obsessed with chart-topper Jessie J and it seems that new boyfriend, Channing, has fallen under her spell too.

The pair are rumoured to have been dating since early October, but the Magic Mike actor has already been described as her biggest fan, jetting around the country to watch her perform.

Channing and Jessies relationship is very new, a source said. They truly just hit it off.

It seems that he seems pretty besotted, as the insider said that Channing really likes Jessie.

The singer is said to be completely dedicated to her career (Picture: Getty Images)

Its been summed up as an exciting time for both of them.

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The insider tells People that Channing and Jessie are simply “having fun” at the moment and that its a new thing for them and too early to see if it will go anywhere.

With Channing looking smitten, the pair have been described as having fun and getting to know each other.

However, it doesnt mean that hes neglecting his dad duties to five-year-old daughter Everly: He works around the clock [and] loves being a dad.

Equally, Jessie is as hardworking as ever, with sources saying she is also dedicated to her career and has a real sense of humour.

The budding romance comes months after Channing split from his wife of nine years, Jenna Dewan.

However, Channing and Jenna are on good terms, with a source saying that they have a decent relationship.

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