This might be the most bizarre story youll hear all day as woman claims to have been scammed $350,000 by fake Dwayne Johnson


SHANGHAI, CHINA - APRIL 08: Actor Dwayne Johnson attends 'Rampage' premiere at Shanghai Film Art Center on April 8, 2018 in Shanghai, China. (Photo by VCG/VCG via Getty Images)
There are some fake Dwaynes getting about – this one is real (Picture: Getty Images)

We werent lying when we said there was a lot to unpack here – turns out a woman who claimed to have been scammed $350,000 (£268k) from someone claiming to be Dwayne Johnson might not be all shes cracked up to be herself.

Or he. We really dont know.

It all started when Dwayne – the real one – warned his millions of followers last month not to fall for scammers and pranksters out there who had seemingly come up with the grand idea of impersonating the very, very rich Hollywood actor to score funds from gullible punters.

A journalist from ShortList wrote about it, which Dwayne AKA The Rock retweeted – the scam involved people contacting punters on social media and asking for money in exchange for the promise of larger sums of cash and cars in the future. From there a barrage of jilted fans came forward with their own stories of being gipped by fraudsters and handing over their hard earned to a wealthy star for whatever concocted reason that appeared to have gripped them.

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One woman came forward, by the name of Sandra (but asked to have her name changed for the piece), who claimed she had handed over several hundreds of thousands of dollars after she fell in love with The Rock when he came to her, asking for money so he could pay off his ex-girlfriend Lauren (theyre still together) who was trying to take their child, Jasmine, away.

Dwayne Johnson – who had messaged Sandra from an unverified twitter profile, but had mimicked it with the same profile picture and a slightly-tweaked bio (apparently his team had control of his verified page) – was also claiming to be under house arrest.

You still with us?

Fake-Dwayne then apparently proposed to Sandra, and she claimed she went to the airport no less than six (SIX!!) times to meet him, only to be stood up and told his private jet had broken.

Mate, if your private jet has broken down six times, you need a new one. Thats ignoring the whole house arrest and has no money lines, too.

Moral of the story, this woman claimed to have paid an obscene amount of money to a fake Dwayne Johnson – so much so it sent her into bankruptcy.

Or did she and did it?

As journalist Ralph Jones story goes into more and more detail, it becomes clear that Sandra may not be Sandra. In fact, her whole story might be another scam.

For whatever reason isnt made abundantly clear – perhaps its just for giggles.

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Is Sandra a scammer pretending to have fallen in love with a scammer? Jones wrote, after going through a lengthy explanation of their fortnight of communication about the love affair between the 56-year-old from Alabama and The Rock, which spanned years.

Somehow, she had managed to produce screenshots for conversations she may never have had with a fake Dwayne Johnson, as well as conversations she may never have had with a fake Tyrese Gibson and a fake Joyce Meyer, he continued. Not only this; she even produced evidence that she had sent money to various people in various countries because she thought they were The Rock. If this wasnt true, and she didnt in fact believe these people were The Rock, what the hell is going on? And, if the receipts were genuine (theyd certainly be convincing fakes), to whom did she send so much money?

Sandra even convincingly explained she had met Dwayne years earlier on a Delta flight, when she worked as a stewardess.

The gambit was detailed, well say that much.

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While there is no real conclusion as to whether Sandra is fake or not or actually did send all that dosh to someone pretending to be a man who earned $124 million (£95million) from 2017-18, its clear we should be taking messages from people claiming to be The Rock with a grain of salt.


And not send them our life savings.

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