Which Disney heroine is the greatest role model?


What are the prerequisites for a Disney heroine? If the classic films are anything to go by, it's Bambi eyes, a mane of glossy hair and a happy ending involving a prince.

The issue of sexism and feminism (or lack if it) in the seemingly innocuous cartoon classics such as Snow White, Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella, which are still loved by millions of children to this day, has come to the fore once again following comments made by actresses Keira Knightley and Kristen Bell.

Video: Knightley on 'sexist' Disney films

Knightley revealed that some Disney films were banned in her house, saying it is "not cool to wait for a rich guy to save you" and that "it is never cool for any man to kiss you in your sleep without consent".

However, Disney has been ditching the stereotype over the past few years, with heroines such as Moana and Frozen's Elsa and Anna providing stronger female role models for the empowered era.

What do you think? Damsels in distress or strong, empowered women – which Disney heroine sets the greatest example to young children?

What do you think about Knightley's Disney ban?

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