Times Up Weighs In On Kavanaugh Confirmation Via Twitter: “The Tide Has Turned”


Time's Up

Times Up reacted to the Supreme Court confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh via Twitter, condemning his elevation but looking forward to better days.

The organization, which had its origins in the #MeToo movement and has built up a large warchest in its goal of empowering women in Hollywood against sexual predations, had opposed Kavanaughs nomination, which was delayed because of several allegations of sexual misconduct that had to be vetted.

The organizations tweets:

The Senate doesnt decide who we are. The Senate doesnt decide how women are treated in this country. We do. All of us, together. #TIMESUP (4/4)

— TIME'S UP (@TIMESUPNOW) October 6, 2018

Its heartbreaking but not surprising that this small group of largely white men made a decision that valued the career of one man above all else. But even as the Senate clings to the past, rooms of power are changing all across America. (2/4)

— TIME'S UP (@TIMESUPNOW) October 6, 2018

We live in a country that came to a near standstill as one womans testimony grew into the deafening roar of all our stories. We also live in a country where rooms of men have been making decisions about womens lives for centuries. (1/4)

— TIME'S UP (@TIMESUPNOW) October 6, 2018

A year ago the dam broke and it hasnt stopped since. Nothing can take back that power. The world is changing and we wont stop fighting until we get the whole way there.

Respect for women will be the new normal.

— TIME'S UP (@TIMESUPNOW) October 6, 2018

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