Superstar DJ arrested in Japan for ‘smuggling ecstasy’


Grammy-award winning DJ David Morales has been arrested on suspicion of smuggling ecstasy in Japan, police have said.

Morales was detained at Fukoka airport in southern Japan after a customs officer found a tiny amount of the euphoria-inducing drug MDMA, better known as ecstasy, in his possession.

"He was arrested for allegedly violating the law on narcotics and psychotropics control," a police spokesman said.

Authorities allegedly found five granules of MDMA, weighing 0.3 grams, in Morales' carry-on suitcase.

The Sankei newspaper reported that Morales denied the allegation, saying: "It's not mine. [Someone] might have tried to frame me".

Morales stated on his website that he was scheduled to perform at events in Fukola on Saturday and Tokyo on Sunday.

The American star, 56, is considered to be one of the first superstar DJs and has performed at many clubs around the globe.

He has also remixed and produced over 500 releases for artists including Mariah Carey, Aretha Franklin and Michael Jackson.

Image: The euphoria-inducing drug MDMA is best known as ecstasy

Morales was nominated for his first Grammy Award in 1996 as a producer for Carey's song Fantasy.

He was nominated again the next year, and won the 1998 Grammy Award for Remixer of the Year.

Japan has a "zero-tolerance" policy in place for drug-related crimes, and the penalties are strict.

Possession of any ecstasy for personal use – however small the quantity – a carries a maximum jail sentence of seven years and a three million yen fine (£19,821).

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Japan takes a similar stance on drink-driving offences, which can also lead to fines and jail time.

In 1980, Sir Paul McCartney spent nine days in a Tokyo jail after being caught at the airport with a bag of marijuana in his suitcase.

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