Is your iPhone XS making you better looking?


Users of the new iPhone XS have claimed the smartphone has a secret beauty mode – with selfie snappers saying their skin looks smoother and brighter in photos.

The new XS and XS Max went on sale in the UK earlier this month, featuring updated camera system hardware and software.

Some owners of the new devices have claimed their appearance has been enhanced compared to when they took selfies with previous versions of the iPhone.

YouTuber Lewis Hilsenteger, host of the channel Unbox Therapy, tweeted an image of himself, saying: "iPhone XS portrait seems like its doing more aggressive skin smoothing. This is straight out of the camera no edit."

Although Apple says the new updates were made to improve photographs taken with it, they have not commented on whether this includes the rumoured beauty enhancement.

The front and rear-facing cameras on the two new phones have "advanced algorithms" powered by Apple's new A12 Bionic processor.

The tech company claims this helps process images and improve results when pictures are taken in low light.

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Another new feature called Smart HDR has also been introduced, which is billed as adding more highlight and shadow detail to photos.

These improvements should make images appear less grainy.

David Pierini, from website Cult of Mac, said these attempts to remove graininess from images could have caused the change.

Apple have upgraded their camera technology
Image: Apple have upgraded their camera technology

"Noise reduction tools remove those rogue pixels, but the results often leave a smooth or slightly softer finish to a photo," he said.

"The average iPhone user doesn't necessarily do an elaborate post-production finish to their photos. Apple tries to solve this in-camera with a larger sensor and new image signal processor that is part of the A12 Bionic chip."

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Other smartphone makers, including Samsung and Huawei, have beauty mode settings built into their smartphone cameras.

There are also a number of beauty editing apps on offer.

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