Rolf Harris daughter Bindi defends fathers harmless flirting in planned book Living With A Pervert


Veteran entertainer Rolf Harris arriving with daughter Bindi at Southwark Crown Court, London, where he denies 12 counts of indecent assault between 1968 and 1986.
Rolf Harris arrives with daughter Bindi at court (Picture: PA)

Rolf Harris daughter Bindi has defended her father, after he was convicted of 12 indecent assaults in June 2014.

In a new autobiography, Bindi, 54, says that her fathers generation is to blame for his actions, and that his behaviour should be excused because of the time he grew up.

Dad is from the age of Benny Hill, Carry On films. He is Australian – which was pretty male chauvinist in those days – that is the era he is from, so sometimes he says non-PC jokes, she wrote in the first draft of the upcoming book.

Bindi has supported her father (Picture: WireImage)

Bindi is not yet sure if she will tell her story via a book, viral email or blog but it has a working title Living With A Pervert, and an excerpt published by the Daily Star continues: He loves a flirt, which he does very openly, much to my embarrassment, but I have met many a man from my dads generation like that.

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Its harmless and you know it doesnt lead anywhere. Dad loves to give compliments to women so they feel good, for no other reason!

Rolf Harris was a popular veteran entertainer (Picture: WireImage)

Other chapter outlines suggest Bindi plans to discuss Rolfs attitude to sex in his 80s and what she believes are holes in the prosecutions case.

Harris, a family favourite for decades, was jailed for five years and nine months after being convicted of assaults which took place between 1968 and 1986 on victims alleged to have been between seven or eight and 19 years old.

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In 2016 he pleaded not guilty at Southwark Crown Court to seven further charges of indecent assault and one of sexual assault.

However the trial was thrown out after juror failed to reach verdicts; the 87-year-old disgraced entertainer had been accused of indecently assaulting three teenage girls, the youngest of whom was 13, at public events between 1971 and 1983.

In November 2017, Rolf then had one of the original 12 indecent assault convictions overturned by the Court of Appeal, however they rejected applications by the disgraced entertainer to challenge 11 other indecent assault convictions.

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