Rod Stewart admits he was a coward when it came to dumping women


Rod Stewart is not proud of the way he treated women (Picture:Getty Images)

Sir Rod Stewart has revealed that while he is head over the heels in love with his third wife Penny Lancaster, he harbours a deep regret over the way he treated the women that came before her.

Speaking to The Sun newspaper, the 73-year-old rocker said he was not proud of the callus behaviour during earlier relationships.

I havent treated women badly, but Im not proud of the way I broke up relationships. I was a real coward, he said.

It wasnt like Phil Collins. I didnt send an email but Ive left a lot of broken hearts. Ive apologised or at least tried to since.

Scottish singer Rod Stewart and his wife Penny Lancaster, pose for a photograph with their children Alastair and Aiden, before he was presented with an insignia of Knighthood medal, at an investiture ceremony at Buckingham Palace in London on October 11, 2016. / AFP / POOL / Gareth Fulller (Photo credit should read GARETH FULLLER/AFP/Getty Images)
Rod Stewart and his wife Penny Lancaster with their children Alastair and Aiden (Picture: Getty Images)

The Maggie May hitmaker said that he got a taste of his own medicine when his second wife Rachel Hunter – with whom he has daughter Renee, 26, and son Liam, 24 – walked out on him.

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Recalling the devastating heartbreak he said he struggled because he didnt he lacked the coping mechanisms for a break-up.

I went to pieces. It was terrible. If ever karma got me back, it was then, the father-of eight said.

The other day, one of my boys had his heart broken and I said, “Well, its just as well it happened now because it happened to daddy late in life and I didnt have the hammer and nails and drill to deal with it.”

You cant go over it, under it, round it. One of my daughters is in the same position right now having broken up with somebody. I told her: “Youve just gotta be brave, nothing lasts forever.”

After learning from his past mistakes with Alana Hamilton and Rachel, Rod was grateful that he was given another chance at love with his third spouse Penny, with whom he has sons Alastair, 12, and Aiden, seven.

He believes that their marital bliss is down to the fact that shes the first British wife he has had.

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Kelly (his ex-partner) and Alana (his first wife) are Americans and Rachels a New Zealander so maybe thats the key! he said.

Pennys an Essex girl and shes proud of it. Apart from the visuals of Penny, shes tough but not too tough, and she doesnt take any nonsense from me. Shes a great mum…  the whole package, as far as Im concerned.

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The couple tied the knot in 2007 and he says that they are incredibly close and openly affectionate towards each other.

We hug every time we have to go away from each other. We always have a cuddle at night even if were not having sex, he said.

And we never go to bed without kissing each other good night. Its just wonderful. I feel blessed many times over.

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