The government announced guidelines for a no-deal Brexit – the 25 best reactions


The possibility of the UK crashing out of the EU without an agreement to break the fall has become increasingly probable since the triggering of Article 50. The government has created some written guidelines for that eventuality, and the internet has reacted with its characteristic empathy and restraint.


“No one is talking about leaving the single market”
“The easiest deal in history”
“No downside to Brexit, only a considerable upside”

“Heres a guide on how to survive for a week on leaves and a rat”#NoDealBrexit

— David Schneider (@davidschneider) August 23, 2018


“Brexit will improve your lives”

“Did you know that family members can be food? Check out our handy 80 part #NoDealBrexit guide for recipes.”

— James Felton (@JimMFelton) August 23, 2018


The captions always reveal the truth

— TechnicallyRon (@TechnicallyRon) August 23, 2018


No safety net is NOT better than a bad safety net
No lifeboat is NOT better than a bad lifeboat
No fire exit is NOT better than a bad fire exit
No smoke alarm is NOT better than a bad smoke alarm#NoDealBrexit is NOT better than a bad deal Brexit. It's not better than anything

— Woo (@jonnywoo34) August 23, 2018


#NoDealBrexit ?

Dude, I survived the 'Millenium bug', 2012 AND the Woolworths closing down sale.

You can't scare me.

— Richard Harris (@cigarboyrick82) August 23, 2018


I will today be publishing my own detailed guidance for businesses on what to do about a No Deal Brexit. Ive condensed it to two words, the second one being 'business'.#NoDealBrexit

— Boris Johnson . . . . . not (@BorisJohnson_MP) August 23, 2018


TMB Technical Note on #NoDealBrexit

EMBARGOED until 9am on 23 August 2018.

— Tripe Marketing Board (@TripeUK) August 23, 2018


I believe we will thrive in the event of a #NoDealBrexit because Im a colossal fucking dickhead who thinks my great-grandparents generation prevailing in a conflict that caused immeasurable suffering to millions is somehow relevant to complex trading relationships in 2018.

— Max ?️‍? (@SpillerOfTea) August 23, 2018


I voted Leave and I will vote Leave till the day I die. We survived the blitz, we survived the plague, and we will survive #NoDealBrexit ??

— Limmy (@DaftLimmy) August 23, 2018


Ah, the 52%. You must be feeling a right bunch of nitwits. #NoDealBrexit

— Anglo-Welsh Bloke (@anglowelshbloke) August 23, 2018


2016: “Brexit is going to be the easiest deal ever negotiated.”

2018: “Six to eight worms and a glass of piss can form a surprisingly healthy lunch.”#NoDealBrexit

— Max ?️‍? (@SpillerOfTea) August 23, 2018


Oh I forgot. Its Brexit Panic Day. The day where the govt come clean about the impending disaster of No Deal.

Brace. Brace. Brace.

— Emma Kennedy (@EmmaKennedy) August 23, 2018

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