Samantha Bee: Why Hasnt Les Moonves Been Asked To Step Down At CBS After 6 Women Claim Sexual Misconduct


Samantha Bee is not happy that CBS Corp CEO has not been made to step down yet in the wake of sexual harassment allegations, and said so on the air, five days after Ronan Farrows long-awaited Moonves expose published.

“CBS president Les Moonves is in deep trouble for sexually harassing female colleagues – or maybe hes not in trouble at all,” Bee said on the latest edition of Full Frontal.


Cut to clip of CNN reporting that CBS president/CEO Moonves is the latest high-powered media executive to face allegations of sexual harassment. Farrows New York investigation details six womens allegations against Moonves, including harassment, intimidation and retaliation.

NBC clip informs Bees viewers that, so far, Moonves has been given no orders to step down.

“Yes, who could ever bear to get rid of the creative mastermind who developed Hawaii Five-O and Hawaii Five-O: Miami?” Bee snarked.

“Les Moonves may be a brilliant TV creator, but no cop procedural, no matter how well-crafted and original, is worth ending a womans career to shut her up,” Bee maintained.

“So in the words of one of the immortal characters he helped create: Its time for this Moonves to be eclipsed,” Bee said, dramatically donning aviator sunglasses.

Here is the video (the Les Moonves portion starts at the 530” mark):

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