Here’s where evacuations are taking place due to Sweden’s wildfires


Wildfires in Ljusdal, Gävleborg. Photo: Maja Suslin/TT

Swedish firefighters were still battling 44 different wildfires across the country on Wednesday afternoon, and in some areas residents have been asked to leave for their safety. Here's where evacuations have taken place.

Nordmaling (Västerbotten)

Swedish authorities called for anyone in the direct proximity of Högbränna and Tallberg in Nordmaling municipality, Västerbotten, to evacuate the area just before 14:30 on Wednesday. "There is a fire in the forest that is spreading quickly with heavy smoke," the National Website for Emergency Information explained.

Älvdalen (Dalarna)

Residents in the area between the Trängslet shooting range and Haftorsbygget in Älvdalen were also told to "vacate the area immediately" on Wednesday afternoon, as the fire in the military range is "spreading rapidly towards the northwest".

As The Local reported earlier this week, efforts to fight fires in Älvdalen have been delayed by the potential presence of undetonated shells in a military shooting range. Firefighters on the ground have been forced to keep a safe distance as a result.

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Härjedalen (Jämtland)

Forest fires in Olingdal and Härjåsjön, Härjedalen meant residents were urged on Tuesday to vacate the area, as is anyone in nearby Olingsjövallen, with a fire in Lillåsen west of the Amsen lake at risk of spreading quickly.

Planes are due to begin water-bombing the zone on Wednesday afternoon.

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Ljusdal (Gävleborg)

Fires are also a continuing problem in Gävleborg, where two more blazes broke out on Wednesday, and residents of the area around the Enskogen forest in Ljusdal remain evacuated. Firefighters from other regions and even other countries have been called in to assist, with Denmark sending 22 to help.

Ljusdal. Photo: Maja Suslin/TT

Up to date English language information on forest fires in Sweden can be found on the National Website for Emergency Information.

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