Bill Maher Delivers Open Letter To Roseanne, Begs Her To Reconsider Trump



12:10 PM 04/28/2018







Bill Maher dedicated a segment of his show on Friday to making a personal plea to his “dear friend” Roseanne Barr, begging her to rethink her support of President Donald Trump.

After congratulating her on her “big fat hit,” the recently rebooted “Roseanne” on ABC, Maher suggested that maybe supporting Trump wasnt the best plan going forward.

Youre now the face of the Trump supporter because you really do speak for a certain kind of American who knows theyre being screwed by someone, they just dont know who. But heres what youre missing about Trump: when he says hes looking out for the little guy, hes talking about his d*ck.

Maher went on to point out some of Roseannes previous comments, apparently suggesting that she return to her “socialist” roots. “Youre a socialist! Youve been one for 30 years!… You said all of my ideas R based in socialism. How does that intersect with Trump? All his ideas are based on national socialism… Im kidding, he doesnt have any ideas.”

Maher cited the recent tax cuts as yet another reason that Roseanne should not support Trump. “The top 1 percent walked away with 83 percent of the benefits. The elites he rails against on Twitter got billions, forever, and Roseanne Conner got peanuts with an expiration date.”

Referring to his friend as “Rosie the Pivoter,” Maher suggested that the best plan for the reboots second season might be a reversal, and Roseannes disillusionment with Trump.



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