Taurus Public Defender: A Carjacker’s Worst Nightmare


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byAWR Hawkins31 Jan 20180

The Taurus Public Defender is a Judge revolver variant, chambered to shoot .45 Long Colt bullets and .410 shotgun shells. When loaded with the latter, the handgun is a carjacker’s worst nightmare.

The Public Defender holds five rounds of .45 or .410 or a mixture of both. If using .410, the shells must be for 2.5″ chamber.

The Public Defender, tested by Breitbart News, is stainless steel with a 2.5″ barrel and a weight of just over 28 ounces. The short barrel makes the gun perfect for close quarters, and each pull of the trigger fires a pattern of .410 shot that is roughly six inches in diameter. Rubber grips come ribbed from the factory and make the recoil extremely manageable.

The Public Defender has a fixed rear sight and a red fiber optic front sight.

Taurus published a video of a Judge variant with a slightly longer barrel, demonstrating the gun’s effectiveness for close quarters self-defense usage. The video clearly shows that the handgun is perfectly suited for stopping a would-be carjacker:

The Public Defender is as easy to use as a .38 Special revolver. And the advantage of shooting a shot pattern versus a single projectile truly makes the Public Defender a point-and-click firearm.

The MSRP for a Public Defender is $629.00

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