Xi Jinping pledges to cut Chinese import tariffs


Chinese President Xi Jinping has promised to take steps to cut import tariffs and to further open up access to the economy for foreign companies.

Speaking at the opening of a trade expo in Shanghai, he also defended the global free trade system, which he said was "under attack".

The comments are seen as a reference to the US, with which China is fighting a trade war.

The US has hit about half of Chinese imports into the US with tariffs.

China has retaliated with its own tariffs on US imports.

The White House says the tariffs are a response to China's unfair trade policies, which Mr Trump blames for helping to create a huge trade deficit.

It also wants China to give American companies better access to its markets.

Mr Xi gave no details of when the tariff changes would come into effect, but said China would "continue to broaden market access".

He also did not address core complaints from the US about alleged theft of intellectual property by Chinese companies.