I am not ready to let her go: Boyfriend of Kerch killer victim breaks spine in suicide attempt


Hours after his girlfriend, injured by the Kerch shooters nail bomb, died en-route to a Moscow hospital, Armen Badalyan jumped out of an apartment block window. He did not die but is likely to suffer life-changing injuries.

Classmates said that 17-year-old student and aspiring model Viktoria Demchuk was one of the most popular girls in the entire Kerch polytechnic college. When her fellow student Vladislav Roslyakov set off an improvised bomb in the canteen on Wednesday morning, she was near the epicenter of the blast

Viktoria was delivered to the local hospital, where by her side stayed Badalyan, 19 year-old former football trainee.

She had suffered devastating injuries, and doctors decided to amputate her leg.

“When he discovered that she lost her leg, he said It doesnt matter, we will find the money and by her a quality prosthesis,” a mutual friend told Komsomolskaya Pravda.

But the nightmare wasnt over.

On Thursday, doctors decided that facilities in Kerch, a Crimean town of 140,000, were insufficient.

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She was loaded in a helicopter that would take her to regional capital to Simferopol, before a medical plane would fly Viktoria to Moscow. She died before the first part of the journey was over.

“Frankly speaking, my whole life has been s***. Vika is a present for an idiot like me,” Armen wrote on his social media account on VK. “I love her a lot. She is the best thing that ever happened to me. And I am not ready to let her go. This is the truth, and I am not hiding it, and I dont care what anyone else says or thinks.”

Armens sister said her sibling was “in a state of shock” but no one anticipated what he would do next.

In the early hours of Friday, Badalyan changed his status on his VK page – “I love you, together forever” – and leapt out of a fourth-floor window.

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But there would be no easy tragic end to the doomed love story.

Armen did not lose his life, and instead suffered devastating spinal injuries. At the same hospital where his girlfriend was being treated, he is now receiving emergency care, as doctors also weigh up whether he is well enough to undertake an airborne journey to specialist facility.

Meanwhile on his social media page, hundreds have left goodwill messages he is unable to currently read, amid arguments whether Armen did the right thing.

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