What’s on TV: Sunday, June 24


Teenage boss (premiere)

ABC ME, 6.25pm

Vasanth is a bright-eyed, energetic 13-year-old. He has a sweet tooth and a love for his scooter. In the opener for a locally produced 15-part series that focuses on a different family in each episode, he's given control of his family's budget for a month. Any money he saves on food and other living expenses, he's free to spend as he wishes. Maths teacher Eddie Woo arrives with a suitcase full of cash and helps Vasanth to plan his strategy. But unexpected challenges disrupt his best-laid plans. Then Vasanth's brothers want to buy concert tickets. Based on a British format, Teenage Boss puts a kid in charge to see how he or she fares controlling the purse-strings.

Eddie Woo and Vasanth.

Photo: Supplied

Stacey Dooley: Gypsy Kids In Crisis

SBS Viceland, 9.30pm

English reporter Stacy Dooley's latest investigation exposes a tale of poverty and persecution. Her starting point is a question about why so many kids who end up in Hungary's children's homes are gypsies. Examining the circumstances in which gypsy families find themselves, she talks to government officials, social workers and a few fearful informants. The grim picture that emerges involves corruption and political motivations, as well as having disturbing echoes of Australia's Stolen Generation.

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