Everyones talking about Vladimir Putins reaction after that first Russian goal (oh, and his furry bra)


There was only one man people were talking about on the first day of the World Cup. Okay then, two if you count Robbie Williams when he did this during the opening ceremony.

Robbie Williams is such a melt showing his middle finger! ? #WorldCupRussia2018 #WorldCup

— Shuj (@ChocMilkSheikh) June 14, 2018

I see your dad got turned away from Tiger Tiger again

— Nooruddean (@BeardedGenius) June 14, 2018

Back to Putin, however, and this was his reaction after Russia scored the first goal of the tournament to go 1-0 up thanks to some shocking defending by Saudi Arabia.

So shocking it got people thinking … No, no, of course not.


Putin and MBS after the first Russian goal

— Andrew Hanna (@AndrewBHanna) June 14, 2018


13 minutes into the first #WorldCup match and we already have a Putin meme.

— Lucas Dolengowski (@LDolengowski) June 14, 2018


“Whos got the worst human rights record?” – “Ah, who cares? Whos got the most oil?” #worldcup

— SimonNRicketts (@SimonNRicketts) June 14, 2018


God that replay of Putin, the FIFA president, and the Sheikh is fantastically evil

— kismo (@kxsmo) June 14, 2018


Thought that Saudi marking on the back post was suspect for the Russia goal, but not match-fixing suspect, until I saw MBS and Putin shaking hands in front of a smiling Infantino. I laughed.

— Miriti Murungi (@NutmegRadio) June 14, 2018


I believe this is known as a hand-sheik. #Putin #WorldCupRussia

— Greg Double (@Dubstep1988) June 14, 2018


Lol trash talkin Putin

— William (@willclem10) June 14, 2018


Russia President Putin Reaction after their First Goal
Sportsmanship ? #WorldCup

— Kelley Boss (@KelleyBos) June 14, 2018


Putin: I want 10 Barrels of Oil
Saudi President: No, Problem. Deal. $10m.
Putin: Deal#WorldCup #RUSKSA

— George Paphitis (@PaphitisGeorge) June 14, 2018


Putin not happy with Dzagoev's performance so takes matters into his own hands. #WorldCup

— Marty Lawrence (@TeaAndCopy) June 14, 2018

Heres the goal.

Putin with Saudi king after Russia scored ??

?? Regină ⁵ ?? (@_RIZmadridista) June 14, 2018

And here was Putin before the match kicked off.

Putin giving this speech in the stadium before the match.

— Paddy Power (@paddypower) June 14, 2018

Oh yes, the furry bra! Nearly forgot.

I'm loving Putin's furry bra.#WorldCupRussia2018

— Tony Cowards (@TonyCowards) June 14, 2018

Loving Putins special nipple tassels for the #worldcupRussia2018 #worldcup

— Tiernan Douieb (@TiernanDouieb) June 14, 2018

Vladimir Putin with some lovely nipple tassels.#WorldCup⁠ ⁠#WorldCupRussia2018

— Scott W. (@Scott_W88) June 14, 2018

I'm loving Putin's furry bra.#WorldCupRussia2018

— Tony Cowards (@TonyCowards) June 14, 2018

Loving Putins nipple tassels.

— Neil (@_Enanem_) June 14, 2018

When you can't choose your favourite toilet brush

— Olaf Falafel (@OFalafel) June 14, 2018

Thanks for the translation, Fox

— Tim (@Playing_Dad) June 14, 2018

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