Paul Dacre is stepping down as Daily Mail editor – our 19 favourite farewells


Daily Mail editor Paul Dacre is stepping down after 26 years in charge of the paper and as you can imagine the tributes have been flooding in.

+++ SCOOP: Paul Dacre resigning as Mail editor by his 70th birthday +++

— Amol Rajan (@amolrajanBBC) June 6, 2018

Here are 19 of our favourite farewells. Dont forget to leave your own in the book of condolences below, otherwise known as the comments.


Regardless of what you may think of the Daily Mail, you have to begrudgingly admit Paul Dacre is a poisonous little shite who's done more than anyone to embolden and empower the racist dregs of this country

— The Sun Apologies (@SunApology) June 6, 2018


Breaking: Head of government policy, Paul Dacre, has just resigned from his other job as the editor of the Daily Mail.

— Rachael Swindon (@Rachael_Swindon) June 6, 2018


Now he has been sacked/retired I wish Paul Dacre all the privacy, dignity and peace he afforded others.

— Mark Thomas (@markthomasinfo) June 6, 2018


BREAKING: Paul Dacre to step down as Editor of the Daily Mail in November. “Hes looking forward to spending more time racially abusing immigrants and lusting over the shapely assets of underage girls from the comfort of his EU funded Scottish estate” said a spokesman.

— The DM Reporter (@DMReporter) June 6, 2018


Good riddance to an amoral sociopath who has done more damage to the fabric of this nation than anyone or anything since the Luftwaffe.

— James O'Brien (@mrjamesob) June 6, 2018


You may not have liked Paul Dacre, you may not have agreed with his editorial choices or the direction he took at the Mail, but you absolutely have to admit he was a cunt

— joe (@mutablejoe) June 6, 2018


All the detail about Dacre giving a speech to staff is great, but no one has told me what he was wearing or whether he was flaunting his curves.

— Jess Brammar (@jessbrammar) June 6, 2018


Paul Dacre is to step down as Daily Mail editor by November this year after 26 years in charge of the paper.

The end of an error.

— Simon Pegg (@Simon_Pegg) June 6, 2018


Dacre retires to spend more time with his EU grants on his Scottish estate and bronzing his corpulent frame in his fourth home in the British Virgin Islands. Worst of British values posing as the best. Malign influence on media culture. Good riddance xx

— Alastair Campbell (@campbellclaret) June 6, 2018


If Dacre goes does that mean its ok for women to have a job, not have a child, have legs shorter than 30 inches, and erm….not give a stuff how old Kylie Minogue is? #DailyMail

— Shelagh Fogarty (@ShelaghFogarty) June 6, 2018

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