Tom Gleeson roasts Em Rusciano over 2DayFM’s breakfast ratings


Tom Gleeson has sent another victim to the critical burns unit.

On Wednesday night's episode of Hard Chat, the ABC comedian roasted radio host Em Rusciano over her show's ratings.

Rusciano has been hosting 2DayFM's breakfast show in Sydney since early 2017. The show's timeslot is considered a poisoned chalice in the radio industry ever since Kyle and Jackie O took their top-rating show and jumped ship to commercial rival KIIS FM.

In the most recent radio ratings, Rusciano's show posted a 1 point gain, nudging the show up to a 4.4 point share of the Sydney breakfast market. While that figure is just above Triple J's audience, it is well below Kyle and Jackie O's 12.3 points and Alan Jones's 14.3 point share.

Em Rusciano, co-host of 2DayFM's breakfast show.

Photo: James Brickwood


Gleeson did not pull his punches while grilling Rusciano about 2DayFM's ratings.

"You're currently on breakfast radio with Grant Denyer and Ed Kavalee," he said. "There's three of you in the studio… is that more than the number of listeners you have?"

Rusciano took the sledge in her stride, firing back: "Yes, by one."

"Who are the two listeners?"

"I don't know," she replied. "I know we're rating lower than any in-house hospital radio and the station that reports the fishing channels. So, I don't know, they're out there [somewhere]."

Gleeson then mocked the fact Rusciano has a large following on social media, but is one of Sydney's lowest-rating breakfast radio hosts.

"Does that mean your fans can't even bare to tune in?" he joked. "I"m just worried your radio station and you are like a Venn diagram that don't touch. The intersection is nobody."

"I can't argue with you," Rusciano replied. "The figures are in your corner."

But the most brutal joke came when the ABC personality brought up past appearances on Australian Idol.

"You came ninth," he teased. "Is that the most popular you've ever been?"

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