This is the UK’s hottest day of the year so far and could reach 28 degrees


Today is already the hottest day of the year so far, and the Met Office said that was reached before midday.

The highest temperature of the year so far of 25.7 degrees celsius has been recorded at Heathrow Airport.

☀BREAKING NEWS☀ Heathrow Airport is already 25.7 °C and it is not even midday!! Yesterday the top temperature was around 3pm….so watch this space… #WarmestDayOfTheYear so far ?

— Met Office (@metoffice) April 19, 2018

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The Met Office had already said today was expected to notch up the warmest day of the year so far, with temperatures forecast to soar to 27 degrees celsius in parts of the capital and the South East of England.

"It will be dry throughout the day with plenty of sunshine," the Met Office said. "It will become very warm by the afternoon, although it is likely to be a little fresher along the coast as a light sea breeze develops."

Its current forecast has London hitting 27 degrees by 4pm with plenty of sun all day. If it heats up even more and racks up 28 degrees in the UK – that will mark the hottest April day since 2011.

The highest recorded temperature this month was 29.4 degrees in 1949.

Tomorrow is also expected to be a warm one, with highs of 24 degrees, and pleasant weather is on the cards for the weekend.

Saturday 21 April could have temperatures of up to 23 degrees, while some cloud is expected on Sunday – the day of the marathon – probably to the relief of many runners.

At the moment, the Met Office reckons Sunday in the capital will be fairly warm, with highs of 21 degrees – slightly lower than yesterday's forecast had been predicting.

Temperatures are expected to peak today, but here's a look at the max temperatures through the weekend ?

— Met Office (@metoffice) April 19, 2018

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