Glitch takes Woolworths checkouts offline around the country


Woolworths checkouts disabled by a nationwide technical glitch are back online, the supermarket says, after an earlier outage forced customers to abandon their shopping in the aisles and some stores to close their doors.

Close to 500 stores were affected by the glitch, which hit just after 4:00pm on Monday.

On social media, shoppers around Australia said they had been told to leave their trolleys and get out of the store.

"Was in Woolworths when the computers went down — poor staff trying to cope and frantic calls to IT," Liz Green wrote on Twitter.

Checkouts not working at a Woolworths store

At Haymarket, in Sydney, staff shut the store and were turning people away, telling them to "come back in about an hour", with similar stories emerging from across the country.

A Woolworths spokeswoman said the problem has since been resolved.

"We can confirm that an IT issue impacted registers at around half our supermarkets nationwide for a short period of time this afternoon," the spokeswoman said.

An updated statement issued at 5:15pm said "all registers are now back online in our stores".

"We apologise for the inconvenience this caused our customers," it added.

Woolworths is Australia's largest supermarket chain, with close to 1,000 stores.

Woolworths in Haymarket in Sydney closed due to outageExternal Link: Hannah Walravens on Twitter: Nationwide IT issues at @woolworths – stuck at the front of the #Malvern queue unable to process any transactions! #woolworthsExternal Link: Steph Boulet on Twitter: ALL #woolworths checkouts have stopped working. UTTER CHAOS NATIONWIDE

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