Stephen Hawking’s best comedy moments: From beer with Homer Simpson to Little Britain


Stephen Hawking's best comedy moments: From beer with Homer Simpson to Little Britain
Stephen Hawking appearing in The Simpsons (Picture: Fox)

Stephen Hawking, known as one of the greatest scientist to ever live, has died as 76.

But as well as being at home on the lecture stage, he was also a comic genius.

From running over Brian Cox as part of a Monty Python sketch, to having a beer with Homer Simpson and telling Little Britain’s Lou to piss off, here are Hawking’s best pop culture moments

Killing Little Britain’s Lou:

In 2015 Hawking gamely took part in a Comic Relief Little Britain sketch with David Walliam reprising his role as carer Lou and Catherine Tate who appeared as a sanctimonious nun.

But before long Hawking was done with their behaviour, turning into a Transformer with a grudge to bear.

Auditioning for a new voice:

Hawking was a regular on Comic Relief and in 2017 he took part in a skit that saw the likes of Cheryl, Liam Neeson, and Eddie Redmayne audition to become his new voice

Running over Brian Cox:

Speaks for itself

Hawking has a beer with Homer Simpson:

Hawking appeared in several episodes of The Simpsons but one of the best was when he humoured Homer on his theory that the universe was shaped like a donut.

When he told Sheldon on The Big Bang Theory he was wrong:

Hawking with Jim Parsons who plays Sheldon on set of The Big Bang Theory (Picture: CBS)

The scientist told Sheldon that he had made an arithmetic mistake on the second page of his thesis and it basically ruined Sheldon forever.

When Hawking played poker with Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, and Star Trek’s Data:

In 1993 Hawking appeared in an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation, after he told Lenoard Nimoy the series was one of his favourites.

Stephen Hawking appearing in Star Trek (Picture: CBS)
Stephen Hawking appearing in Star Trek (Picture: CBS)

He appeared as a hologram on deck along with Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton – and when he wins over Einstein, the grin is one of the greatest you’ll ever see.

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