Tom Brady eats his 1st strawberry and chugs a beer with Stephen Colbert


Stephen Colbert got into a beer-drinking contest with Tom Brady on Monday — and, perhaps more surprising, convinced the star quarterback to eat his first strawberry.

The two decided to throw back a cold one after Colbert asked the New England Patriots quarterback what he eats when he's "falling off the wagon" with his diet.

"Cheeseburgers, pizza, beer … things like that," Brady said. "I was a pretty good beer-chugger back in the day."

Colbert promptly pulled out two tall glasses of brew.

"You were a good beer chugger?" Colbert asked. "Do you want to chug a beer?"

"Let's try … can we spill?” Brady asked, before chugging the drink in less than three seconds. Colbert took a little longer to finish.

"That was good," Brady said with a big smile. "That was really good!"

The five-time Super Bowl champion stopped by to promote his new book, "The TB12 Method," in which he discusses nutrition and explains how to achieve a lifetime of sustained peak performance, according to his website.

The quarterback said his diet consists of lots of fruits and vegetables, but he’d never eaten a strawberry.

"Oh, man, I hate strawberries," Brady, 40, said. "I just hate the smell."

Colbert, in utter disbelief, went on to present him with a bowl full of bright red strawberries and another challenge.

Brady, a true competitor at heart, eventually accepted the challenge to taste one, although it took some convincing.

"Not that bad," Brady said as he placed the half-eaten fruit back into the bowl. "I did it. Mom, are you proud of me?"

Notable strawberry hater #TomBrady eats one for the FIRST TIME in his life! ??#LSSCpic.twitter.com/M5fKwGDCq3

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